About Tehomet

Tehomet is the largest manufacturer of custom wooden lighting poles in Northern Europe. Established in 1979, the company has been based in Kangasniemi, Finland, throughout its history. Tehomet became a subsidiary of Valmont Industries, Inc. in spring 2007. Our production site is located in the heart of the forest, and it's equipped with all the necessary technology for the production of lighting poles.

Research & Development

Over the years Tehomet has developed long-term collaboration with two Finnish research centers of expertise:

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is the leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries. The expertise of this engineering unit covers various sectors, including the forest industry. It provides assistance to industries in various fields such as R&D, auditing, certification and process control.

In Mikkeli, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences specializes in the fields of materials technology and the environment. Our products are tested in their laboratory dedicated to wood technology.


The goal of the industrial design process is to develop products in a way that is mutually beneficial for both the end user and the manufacturer, and to strike a balance between form, materials, manufacturing techniques, transportation, installation, maintenance, aesthetics, and cost.

Tehomet has been recruiting industrial designers since 2006. As well as their internal role in the company, they are also the essential interface between customers, sales teams, engineering offices and production facilities.


From design to production, each wooden product is systematically developed and assessed with regard to the aesthetic, technical, economic and environmental criteria. Our engineering department is dedicated to ensuring that you get the most appropriate and validated solution for your wooden project.

Wooden poles and masts are subject to various weather conditions as well as wind and weight loads, influencing the number of lighting fixtures and possibly other additional equipment used. To ensure the capacity of the lighting support structure, Valmont has developed its own software to calculate and guarantee the resistance of its poles and masts in respect of more than 20 international standards and regulations. All pole calculations are based on AASHTO standard 2009 code.

About Valmont Industries, Inc.

Valmont Industries, Inc. (Valmont) produces infrastructure products to support and enrich growing economies around the world. The company also leads the world in water management for irrigation, helping agricultural producers get more production from their land. Valmont is organized around four segments: Engineered Support Structures, Coatings, Irrigation and Utility Support Structures. Since its founding in 1946, Valmont has been driven by passion, integrity, continuous improvement and delivering results. Valmont Industries, Inc. (VMI) is publicly traded on the NYSE.